Hi there,

My name is Lisa, and I am a confessed hike-a-holic. Ever since the age of one, when my parents snuggled me into a hiking backpack, I have lived to get outdoors. My hiking boots have tromped with me through the Appalachian, Tennessee Smokey, Northern Pacific, and Rocky Mountains of the United States – as well as the mountains of Spain, France, Italy, Morocco and Venezuela. And they want to keep on going!

Since moving to Phoenix in 2004, I have became completely enamored of the surprisingly varied terrain, vast open skies, incredible vistas and abundant hiking trails that this state has to offer. Attributes that make Arizona one of the top hiking destinations in the country. Arizona has become my perfect playground. To me hiking (either alone or with good friends) is a tribute to this incredibly beautiful world we live in, a chance to unplug and breath fresh air, and a great form of exercise. I’ve never really been a fan of the gym. My heroes are people who hike until they can hardly stand. Who stay wiry and full of spunk. And who make enjoying the great outdoors a part of their lives.

As I also love taking pictures (who doesn’t when there is a majestic sunset staring you down?) it made sense to share my hikes with you. I hope you will enjoy them, and that they might inspire you to get out and enjoy what is this amazing AZ Utopia!


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