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Phoenix Area Hikes

As one of the best hiking cities in the US, the mountains in and around Phoenix's greater metropolitan area provide an amazing array of stunning hikes - beneath endless blue skies. There are trails suitable for all skill levels: from families with young children to seasoned hikers. Phoenix area trails are best enjoyed during the ideal temperatures September through April (or in the wee hours of the morning May through August). It's essential to bring plenty of water and to avoid hiking during the very high temperatures of Summer.
HikePark / AreaLevelMiles (1-way)Foot GainPets
Bell Pass TrailMcDowell Mt. PreserveDifficult4.71,184Yes
Ballantine TrailMazatzals, N. of Ftn. HillsModerate3.41,460Yess
Black Mesa Loop TrailSuperstition Mts.Moderate10.41 (loop)1,195Yes
Black Mountain TrailCave CreekDifficult1.251,165Yes
Butcher Jones Hiking TrailSaguaro Lake, MatzazalsModerate2.5600Yes
Cave Creek Cave HikeCave CreekEasy1MinimalNo
Dixie Mountain Loop TrailPhx. Sonoran PreserveModerate4.2 (loop)636Yes
Echo Canyon TrailCamelback Mtn., PhoenixDifficult1.21,280No
Elephant Mountain LoopSpur Cross, Cave CreekModerate / Difficult5.4825Yes
Gateway Hiking Trail LoopMcDowell Mt. PreserveModerate4.5625Yes
Go John Loop TrailCave Creek Reg. ParkModerate5.8 (loop)800Yes
Goat Camp TrailWhite Mountains Difficult6.31,730Yes
Hieroglyphics TrailSuperstition Mountains, Gold CanyonEasy1.2600Yes
Holbert TrailSouth MountainModerate2.51,100Yes
Hole in the Rock LoopPapago ParkEasy0.31MinimalYes
Kiwanis TrailSouth MountainEasy1.25700Yes
Jewel of the Creek & Dragonfly LoopJewel of Creek, Cave CreekEasy2MinimalYes
Marcus Landslide TrailMcDowell Mt. PreserveEasy1.85300Yes
Mesquite Canyon TrailWhite Tank Mt. Reg. Park, WaddellModerate5.01,483Yes
Mormon Trail to Hidden ValleySouth Mountain, PhoenixModerate3.7860Yes
North Mountain National TrailPhoenixModerate0.72615Yes
Palo Verde TrailBartlett Lake ParkEasy / Moderate3.8MinimalYes
Pass Mountain LoopUsery ParkModerate7.5 (loop)730Yes
Peralta TrailSuperstition Mountains, Gold CanyonModerate2.451,400Yes
Picketpost Hiking TrailSuperiorDifficult2.52,115No
Piestewa Peak Summit TrailPhoenix Mt. Preserve, PhoenixDifficult1.21,200No
Pinnacle Peak TrailNorth ScottsdaleModerate1.75842No
Pipeline Canyon TrailLake PleasantEasy to Moderate2220Yes
Quartz TrailCave Creek Rec. Area, Cave CreekModerate4.0 (loop)250Yes
Rainbow Valley & Toothaker LoopEstrella Regional Pk.Easy6.2365Yes
Rock Springs Spur TrailBlack Canyon CityModerate1.4232Yes
San Tan Loop TrailSan Tan Regional Park, Queen CreekEasy7.5 (loop)234Yes
Sears Kay LoopCave CreekModerate1.1 (loop)200Yes
Sidewinder Ridgeback Ocotillo LoopPhx. Sonoran PreserveModerate4.56 (loop)600Yes
Siphon DrawLost Dutchman St. Park, Apache JunctionDifficult3.03,000Yes
Sunrise Hiking TrailMcDowell Mt. PreserveModerate21,100Yes
Thompson Peak TrailMcDowell Mt. PreserveDifficult51,882Yes
Tom's ThumbMcDowell Mt. Preserve, North ScottsdaleModerate / Difficult2.151,420Yes
Treasure TrailSuperstition Mts.Moderate2.4 (loop)500Yes
Vulture Peak TrailWickenburgModerate2940Yes
Waterfall TrailWhite Tank Mt. Reg. Park, WaddellEasy0.9MinimalYes
Wave Cave TrailSuperstition Mts.Moderate1.75980Yes
Wild Burro TrailLake PleasantEasy2200Yes
Wind Cave TrailUsery Park, MesaModerate1.5800Yes
Windgate Pass TrailN. ScottsdaleModerate4.5858Yes
Yavapai Point TrailLake PleasantModerate1.5400Yes

Sedona Area Hikes

Quintessentially Arizonan, the majestic Red Rocks of Sedona offer exquisite hikes through tall vermillion canyons dotted with fragrant Manzanita and Juniper. Towering weather-carved buttes and arches rest before expansive southwestern landscapes. Although these hikes are open all year, they're best enjoyed September through May. Expect surprisingly cool 45-60 degree temperatures during winter days with a possible dusting of snow. Bring plenty of water to hike in this arid climate.
HikePark / AreaLevelMiles (1-way)Foot GainedPets
Baldwin Loop TrailCoconino Nat. ForestEasy1.6 (loop)150Yes
Bear Mountain TrailCoconino Nat. ForestDifficult2.31800Yes
Bell Trail to Wet Beaver Creek CrossingBeaver Creek Wilderness, Coconino Nat. ForestEasy-Moderate3.3520Yes
Boynton Canyon TrailCoconino Nat. ForestEasy3.0450Yes
Brins Mesa TrailCoconino Nat. ForestEasy3.2540Yes
Cathedral Rock TrailCoconino Nat. ForestDifficult0.75600Yes
Devil's Bridge TrailCoconino Nat. ForestModerate1.8400Yes
Doe Mtn. TrailCoconino Nat. ForestModerate0.7430Yes
Huckaby TrailCoconino Nat. ForestModerate2.6210Yes
Jordan TrailCoconino Nat. ForestEasy1.5200Yes
Mescal Hiking TrailCoconino Nat. ForestEasy2.5220Yes
Soldiers Pass Caves TrailCoconino Nat. ForestModerate1.7450Yes
Soldier Pass TrailCoconino Nat. ForestModerate2.4465Yes
Sterling Pass TrailCoconino Nat. ForestDifficult2.41050Yes
West Fork TrailCoconino Nat. ForestEasy3MinimalYes

Tucson Area Hikes

Tucson is surrounded by the beautiful Santa Catalina, Rincon and Tucson Mountains. Hikes here traverse Saguaro studded deserts, dramatic gorges, and lead to incredible hidden waterfalls or high summits with hundred mile views. Higher elevations get snow in Winter. And desert hikes are best enjoyed in Winter, Spring and Fall.
HikePark / AreaLevelMiles (1-way)Foot GainPets
Bear Canyon Trail to Seven FallsSabino Canyon / Santa Catalina Mts.Moderate4.1917No
Blackett's Ridge TrailSabino Canyon / Santa Catalina Mts.Difficult31,685No
Bog & Kent Springs LoopSanta Rita MtsModerate5.1 (loop)1,880Yes
Butterfly TrailMount LemmonModerate5.63,600Yes
Grotto from Echo Canyon Trail Chiricahua Nat. MonumentModerate4.2-1,050No
Heart of the Rocks from Massai PointChiricahua Nat. MonumentModerate7.5-1,050No
Hunter Trail to Picacho PeakPicacho State ParkDifficult21,785Yes (to first saddle)
Kings Canyon Trail to Wasson PeakSaguaro Nat. Pk. West, Tucson Mts. Moderate3.51,785No
Romero Trail to Romero PoolsCatalina State ParkModerate - Difficult2.8900No
Tanque Verde Falls TrailRincon Mts.Moderate1.6-500Yes
Ventana Canyon Trail to Window RockSanta Catalina Mts.Moderate - Difficult6.42,760No

Flagstaff Area Hikes

With a starting elevation of 7,000 feet, and a seasonal climate, the Flagstaff area is hiking paradise Spring through Fall. Family-friendly trails lead through alpine meadows filled with fragrant wildflowers during Spring and Summer, while moderate hikes ascend through tall pines and glistening aspen groves. Ambitious hikers can trek the steep 5.5 mile trail to the summit of Mount Humphreys, Arizona's highest Peak (at an elevation of 13,000 feet). During late summer thunderstorms can quickly roll in, so come weather prepared. In winter there will be snow, and many trails close for the season.
HikePark / AreaLevelMiles (1-way)Foot GainPets
Bear Jaw & Abineau Trail LoopSan Francisco PeaksModerate6.8 (loop)1,960Yes
Elden Lookout TrailSan Francisco PeaksDifficult3.02,400Yes
Fatmans Loop TrailSan Francisco PeaksEasy1.25690Yes
Inner Basin TrailSan Francisco PeaksModerate4.0800Yes
Kachina TrailSan Francisco PeaksEasy5.4700Yes
Kendrick Mountain TrailSan Francisco PeaksModerate4.62,640Yes
Lava River Tube TrailNorth of FlagstaffEasy1.0Minimalpossible not recommended
O'Leary Peak TrailNorth of FlagstaffModerate4.851,995Yes
Pumpkin Hiking TrailNorth of FlagstaffModerate4.82825Yes
Red Mountain TrailNorth of FlagstaffEasy1.5MinimalYes
Sandys Canyon TrailSouth of FlagstaffEasy2.7600Yes
Schultz Creek TrailNorth of FlagstaffMostly Easy4.25875Yes
Strawberry Crater Loop TrailNorth of FlagstaffModerate2.2 (loop)250Yes
Viet Springs LoopNorth of FlagstaffEasy1.7200Yes

Grand Canyon Area Hikes

Drawing people from around the globe, the Grand Canyon is one of the world's most awe inspiring places to hike. From flat easy rim trails, to long strenuous paths leading from rim to rim, this destination is bucket-list-worthy! The Grand Canyon is best hiked in Spring or Fall - as temperatures dip below freezing in Winter and climb above 120 degrees at the base in Summer. As a reverse hike (heading down and then back up) hikers need to be extra-aware of their abilities. The 18-mile round trip to the base and back is not recommended as a day hike.
HikePark / AreaLevelMiles (1-way)Foot GainPets
Bill Williams Hiking TrailWilliamsModerate3.852,400Yes
Bright Angel Trail to Indian GardensGrand Canyon Nat. Pk. S.Difficult4.5-3,060No
Cliff SpringsGrand Canyon Nat. Pk. N.Easy0.75-179No
Havasu Trail to Havasu FallsHavasupai ReservationModerate (after Difficult)10-3,350No
Havasu Trail to Mooney & Beaver Falls, Colorado RiverGrand Canyon Nat. Pk. S.Moderate (after Difficult)8-1,000No
Horseshoe Bend TrailPageEasy0.75MinimalYes
N. Kaibab Trail to Roaring SpringsGrand Canyon Nat. Pk. N.Difficult4.7-3,050No
Plateau Point TrailGrand Canyon Nat. Pk. S.Easy (after Difficult)1.5MinimalNo
Sycamore Rim LoopWilliamsEasy1 to 11500Yes
Widforss TrailGrand Canyon Nat. Pk. N.Easy4.8300No
Wire Pass to Buckskin Gulch TrailsVermillion Cliffs, UtahEasy (with hard spots)1.7 to 13.5MinimalYes

Payson, Pine, Strawberry Area Hikes (Mogollon Rim)

Spanning the edges of the dramatic 200 mile long Mogollon Rim, hikes in this area can be surprisingly lush - hop scotching babbling streams, chancing upon underground springs and high waterfalls and ascending hillsides lined with pine and oak. Atop the rim, small lakes are plentiful and the views can be astounding, providing scenic paths and recreational areas perfect for family time together.
HikePark / AreaLevelMiles (1-way)Foot GainPets
Barnhardt TrailSouth of PaysonDifficult61823Yes
Horton Creek TrailKohl's Ranch areaEasy-Moderate3.51,060Yes
Maxwell TrailHappyJack areaModerate-Difficult0.7-682Yes
Railroad TrailMogollon RimModerate1.5-790Yes
Rim Lakes Vista TrailKohl's Ranch areaEasy3.5MinimalYes
See Canyon TrailChristopher CreekModerate3.51,500Yes
See Spring TrailChristopher CreekEasy1.5MinimalYes
Tonto Natural Bridge, Gowan & Pine Creek Trails LoopPine areaEasy-Moderate0.92 (loop)185No
Water Wheel TrailPayson areaeasy1.6150Yes
Waterfall Trail to Fossil CreekCamp Verde areaEasy1.2MinimalYes
Woods Canyon Lake TrailKohl's Ranch areaEasy3.7 (loop)MinimalYes

Prescott Area Hikes

Located in the midst of central Arizona's milder high desert plains, the Prescott area is home to beautifully scenic mountains, small hidden lakes and rolling granite dells. With such varied terrain, hikes range from easy lakeside loops to craggy mountain ascents complete with hundred mile views. This area is hike-able almost year round - excepting a few 100-degree-summer or snow-crusted-winter days.
HikePark / AreaLevelMiles (1-way)Foot GainPets
Badger Springs TrailAqua Fria Nat. MonumentEasy0.8MinimalYes
Dandrea Trail to Mt. UnionPotato PatchModerate2.1750Yes
Drinking Snake TrailMayerEasy5200Yes
Granite Mountain TrailGranite Mt. Wilderness, Prescott Nat. ForestModerate4.11,600Yes
Granite Mtn. Hotshots Memorial TrailYarnellModerate3.51200Yes
Groom Creek Loop TrailPrescott National ForestModerate9 (loop)1,375Yes
Lynx Lake Recreation Loop TrailLynx LakeEasy2.3 (loop)min.Yes
Thumb Butte Loop TrailPrescott National ParkModerate2.1 (loop)600Yes
Watson Lake Loop TrailWatson LakeMostly Easy4.8 (loop)162Yes
Willow Lake Loop TrailHeritage Park, City of PrescottEasy5.2 (loop)480Yes
Woodchute TrailN. of JeromeMostly Easy3.5600Yes


Pinetop Area Hikes (White Mountains)

The geography of central Arizona's eastern mountains looks nothing like what most people imagine for the state. In lieu of dry desert, here tall Spruce, Pine and Aspen covered mountains rise above cold blue lakes and perennial streams. Roads are often closed during winter, due to deep snowfall. But in spring and summer the area is wonderfully cool, lush and green. And fall brings in a blast of autumn color. Hikes southeast of Pinetop (or outside the tiny ranching towns of Alpine, Greer and Nutrioso) wander through the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest, White Mountains or stunningly rugged Blue Range Primitive Area. Expect an abundance of summer wildflowers and potential wildlife sightings, including deer, fox, turkey, trout or an occasional bear or wolf.
HikePark / AreaLevelMiles (1-way)Foot GainPets
Escudilla TrailN. of AlpineModerate31,317Yes
Thompson TrailS. of GreerEasy3.25240Yes


Hiking Level Guide

Green / Easy (0-10° inclines): Perfect for those just getting started, families with young children, and anyone uncomfortable with lengthy stairs or steeply angled walkways.

Blue / Moderate (10-20° inclines): Great for people in fairly good physical condition, comfortable with going up stairs, and with children 10 years of age or older.  May include easier rock and boulder scrambles.

Red / Difficult (20° plus inclines): Best for hikers in good physical condition and endurance, comfortable tackling sometimes lengthy inclines and stepping up and down rocks 18 inches or higher. May include more challenging rock scrambles and uneven trail surfaces.