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Landscape, View, King Canyon Hiking Trail, Tucson, Arizona, Hikers, Ridgeline, Peak, Saguaro National Park, Tucson Mountains, Wasson Peak

King Canyon Hiking Trail to Wasson Peak

★★★★★ Moderate / Tucson Area: A radical ridge line ramble, and optimum views, are the crown jewels of the King Canyon Hiking Trail. Ascending to the summit of Wasson Peak (the highest in the Tucson Mountain Range), the King Canyon Hiking Trail zig-zags up the gorgeous slopes of this Saguaro National Park Mountain. At the peak, views of Tucson and southern Arizona reign…
  • Dayhike, Moderate, Ridge, Tucson, Views
  • January 29, 2016
Birds-Eye, Landscape, View, Two Hikers, Ascending, Cables, Steep, Rock Scramble, Hunter Hiking Trail to Picacho Peak, Tucson, desert

Hunter Hiking Trail to Picacho Peak

★★★★★ Difficult / North of Tucson: Exhilaration! Steep scrambles, climbing cables and wooden planks are all included on this adrenaline-inducing hike. Not for the faint-of heart, or anyone prone to vertigo, the Hunter Hiking Trail to Picacho Peak is a short, but intrepidly-steep-in-spots, climb to the apex of this mountain’s soaring rock face. The 360 degree views from the top, and well-deserved satisfaction in getting there, make…
  • Cables, Canyon, Cliffs, Dayhike, Rock Scrambles, Short, Steep, Views
  • January 9, 2016
Landscape, View, Window Rock, Central Arizona, Ventana Canyon Hiking Trail, Santa Catalina Mountains, Tucson, Blue Sky

Ventana Canyon Hiking Trail to Window Rock

★★★★☆ Moderate / Tucson Area: From the gargantuan stone “window” sitting atop Ventana Canyon, breathtaking views of this unspoiled valley, its treelined canyons and glistening ancient stream will make your heart soar. Following a gently cascading mountain stream, the Ventana Canyon Hiking Trail first ascends a craggy lower valley followed by a lushly treelined upper valley – before ultimately spilling out onto the windswept spires of the summit. Whether you choose to hike the…
  • Arch, Dayhike, Santa Catalina Mountains, Southern Arizona, Stream, Tucson, Window
  • March 28, 2015
Close-up, Tucson, Arizona, Sabino Canyon, Seven Falls, Bear Canyon Hiking Trail

Bear Canyon Hiking Trail to Seven Falls

★★★★★ Moderate / Tucson Area: Seven “Wows!” might be a better name for this incredibly unique and special Sonoran hike. As a moderately difficult trail that hopscotches Sabino Creek up a beautifully striated canyon and leads to one of those rare natural features that make hiking so worthwhile, the Bear Canyon Hiking Trail to Seven Falls is a hike worth taking. The consistent sounds of water flowing playfully downstream…
  • Dayhike, Family Friendly, Moderate, Sabino Canyon, Southern Arizona, Stream, Tucson
  • March 7, 2015