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Hidden Valley via Mormon Hiking Trail

★★★★ Moderate / Phoenix Area:

A family-friendly slot canyon and long stone tunnel are hyper-fun to explore! Accessible via the Mormon Hiking Trail, Hidden Valley’s secluded wonders have hikers squishing through, climbing over or walking under them – revealing smile inducing fun. But the best surprise is the trail’s convenient location on Phoenix’s South Mountain. 

TRAILHEAD: 8610 S. 24th st., Phoenix    DIFFICULTY: MODERATE   •  DISTANCE: 1.95 MILES (3.9 miles RT  •  APPROX. TIME: 2-3 HOURS  •  ELEVATION GAIN: 860 FEET (62 STORIES)  •  APPROX. CALORIES BURNED: 550-630 RT  •  BEST TIME OF YEAR: OCT. – APRIL  •  PETS: YES  •  KID FRIENDLY: Yes please! 8 AND up   •  FACILITIES: No  •  FEES: None

Landscape, Two Hikers, Women, Friends, Rock Tunnel, Phoenix, Arizona, Hidden Valley, Mormon Hiking TrailFor an easily accessible trail, butting right up against Phoenix’s southern border, it is truly surprising how special, quiet and natural the hike through Hidden Valley is!

Landscape, View , Hikers, Phoenix, Arizona, Mormon Hiking Trail, South Mountain, Layered Stone, CliffAdmittedly, the kick-off hike is a noisy climb out of the Phoenix suburbs. As the Mormon Hiking Trail ascends the boulder strewn slope that defines the city’s southern edge, it teems with urban sights, sounds and people. However, once the trail mounts its first crest and begins a slow descent into the hidden valleys tucked into South Mountain, a surprisingly gorgeous, natural world appears. Here chipmunks scamper around sculptural rock formations. And the only sounds heard are those of an occasional hiker, mountain biker, or plane flying high overhead.

To access Hidden Valley take the Mormon Hiking Trail for 1.1 mile to where it forks. This occurs at the top of a hill, beside a large rock outcropping. Veer right here (away from the outcropping) where a trail post points towards the National Trail. The path heads gently downhill and then across a small valley.

Girl, Hiker, Mini Slot Canyon, Phoenix, Arizona, Mormon Hiking Trail, Hidden Valley, South MountainAfter a short distance another fork appears alongside a number of immense boulders. These giants shelter a must-be-explored, mini-slot canyon called Fatman’s Pass. It is just wide enough to scooch through, and has walls worn smooth by generations of hikers doing just that

Landscape, View, Shady Spot, Boulders, Hidden Valley, Phoenix, Arizona, South Mountain.Landscape, View, Natural Window, Rock Formation Phoenix, Arizona, Hidden Valley, South Mountain.Head either direction at this fork to hike the loop through the Hidden Valley. Either direction starts and ends at this fork. The Hidden Valley Loop passes impressive rock formations, some with natural “windows” brimming with Arizona sunshine. Immense boulders lean against each other and kiss – providing shaded areas ideal for taking a short break. At the heart of Hidden Valley a long tunnel passes below gigantic stones. Crossing through the tunnel, on a soft sand base and along its shiny smooth walls, is uniquely fun.

Landscape, View, Woman, Hiker, Views, Phoenix, Arizona, Mormon Hiking Trail, South MountainAfter completing the one-mile loop through Hidden Valley, follow the Mormon Hiking Trail back to its trailhead. The trek down South Mountain provides stunning views of Phoenix – with Camelback and Piestewa Peak visible nearby, and the White Tank, Bradshaw and Mazatzal Mountain ranges framing the city in the distance.

Total Nerdery

At eleven miles long, South Mountain Preserve is the second largest municipal park in the world! Mormon Hiking Trail is one of over 15 trails in the park.


Click here to download a trail map.

Directions From the southern leg of I-17, in Phoenix, take exit 195A / 16th Street. Head south on 16th Street for 2.36 miles to Southern Avenue. Turn left / east on Southern Avenue and drive for 1-mile to 24th Street. Turn right / south on 24th Street and continue for 1.73 miles to the Mormon Hiking Trail parking area at the base of South Mountain.

4 Responses to Hidden Valley via Mormon Hiking Trail

  1. Lili

    Is this trail in any way stroller friendly? Probably not but I’d love to know for sure.

    • azutopia

      Hi Lili. The rocky surface on this trail wouldn’t work with a stroller. If your child is small enough, a child carrier might be a good option. Or alternatively, a hike at Papago Park (which is paved) or the Waterfall Trail in the White Tanks ( could work. There are a few stairs at the end of the Waterfall Trail, and it would be a little bumpy. But the trail is wide enough for a stroller.

  2. maddie

    would this hike be okay for say a bigger male and our golden retriever to go on?

    • azutopia

      Hi Maddie. Yes to both! Dogs on leashes are allowed in the South Mountain Preserve. And, although a bigger male may not be able to squeeze through the narrow rock crevice near the entrance to Hidden Valley, it’s easy to climb over or hike around. Hope that helps! Enjoy.


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